Entry 4: Cyber Bullying & Education

“A form of emotional and physical abuse, characterized by a power imbalance in which a bully chooses a victim that he or she perceives as vulnerable”.

This is how promoteprevent.org generally defines bullying. The only difference between a general act of bullying and cyber bullying is that cyber bullying involves electronic communication devices to purposely attack an individual. This entry will look specifically at the effects cyber bullying has on education.

Research conducted by organisation that are against bullying show that major long term and short term effects include; anxiety in young victims, low self-esteem, self-harm or suicide (in worse cases), all in which these may lead to school avoidance and therefore academic failure.

One source, beatbullying.org, which is a report from the UK, states that “20% of children indicate fear of cyber bullies made them reluctant to go to school” and that cyber bullying is putting unnecessary financial strain on the educational system as;

– Teachers spend an average of six hours a week  dealing with cyber bullying cases

– And £18 million of the education budget is being spent on dealing with cases per annum.

In the report a girl aged 16 years is quoted saying “…The only reason it [, the bullying,] has stopped is because I left school”. This clearly shows how cyber bullying is an issue which is having detrimental impacts on children’s academic lives and may lead to future issues, such as getting a job or further education.

Cyber bullying is becoming more and more frequent in society due to the increase in social media and communication devices. Its effecting education in the way that children feel the need to leave school because they no longer feel like they belong to the school community, are excluded beyond understanding, and are afraid of what may occur if they show their faces in front of their school peers.

The image shows statistics of where bullying mostly takes place online, the effects of bullying, and how parents are oblivious to what is happening to their child.

What are the effects of cyber bullying ? – This link will take you to a website, which has a featured video on the right hand side of the web page. This video is effective in showing cyber bullying effecting individuals.


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